“Noting” American Sentinel 12, 23, pp. 358, 359.

SPEAKING of the humiliation of the Greeks and the rehabilitating of Turkey which has been the result of the war between them, an antichristian journal says: “There is a lesson in this, we hope. After the experience of Greece nobody should be deluded into a belief that the Christian God will help those who fight in His name; no people should depend upon the powers of Europe for defense; none should be misled by the fanatical jingoism of Christians; none should raise the question of religious differences between nations, nor go to war to settle them.”

The Word of the Christian’s God says plainly that His servants must not fight, because His kingdom is not of this world; hence it should not need the experience through which Greece has passed to convince people that God will not help those who fight in His name. The fact that some nations and individuals do fight in His name does not constitute an indictment of God, any more than the many crimes committed in the name of Liberty constitute an indictment of Liberty.

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