“Reform Should Begin at Home” American Sentinel 14, 29, pp. 450, 451.

THE actors’ society of America has published the following resolution as a declaration of its attitude toward Sunday theaters:—

“Whereas, the usages of Christian civilization and the customs of our forefathers have ever observed one day in the week as a day of rest; and whereas, we believe that one day in the week may be with advantage to the actor always respected as a day of rest and of moral culture; therefore, resolved, that as a society, we object to theatrical performances at any hour of the day on Sunday, and will always use whatever legal influence we may have to suppress the same.”

It may be inferred, though it is not declared, that the actors will use their moral as well as their legal [451] influence against Sunday theatricals; and if their moral influence is really used, it will be used first of all on themselves, in themselves refusing to perform on Sunday, whether there is any law on the subject or not. Moral influence that stops short of this is no influence at all, and if their moral influence is not exerted against Sunday work, it will only be inconsistent and absurd for them to use their legal influence against it. And the same is true of any other class of laborers.

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