“‘Religion in Politics’ Illustrated” American Sentinel 14, 27, pp. 417, 418.

THE “United Christian Party, which imagines it is working to set up a political government of God on earth,” has been organized in Iowa. A press dispatch says of it:—

“A new party has been organized in Iowa. The platform is: ‘We believe in direct legislation of people, and in order to make the government a government from God through Christ we should be governed in all things, law-making included, by the standard, “What Would Jesus Do?’”

“One hundred delegates were present and forty counties were represented. The party was christened ‘The United Christian Party.’ The following ticket was named: Governor, C. D. Heacock, Brighton; Judge of Supreme Bench, John M. Helmick, Dubuque; Superintendent of Public Instruction, W. D. Pidgeon, Richland.”

The statement follows that the candidate for governor is serving time in jail, having been sentenced for criminal libel and contempt of court.

This is a sample illustration of religion in politics, and it would not be less ridiculous, only more dangerous, if it were on a larger scale. It only carries the principle out to the full extent, and church people who advocate the taking of religion into politics need not condemn it or regard it with disdain. They will do well if they will study it and learn from a practical illustration what they fail to discern in the theory.

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