“Religious Liberty” American Sentinel 12, 34, p. 541.

Religious liberty is simply the liberty to worship or not to worship God, unmolested by the State, whose province it is to control men’s actions by physical force.

Religious liberty, in its accepted sense, is an inherent right to every man, and is not transferable.

Every man is possessed of a will and the power to exercise it. In religious matters there is, in the economy of God, no such thing as compulsion. Every individual is left free to obey or not to obey, just as he sees fit. Christ himself declares, “If any man hear my words and believe not, I judge [condemn] him not.” John 12:47. One man may consider it his duty to obey the word of God, another may not so regard it. It is the right of all men to follow the dictates of conscience, no matter what their opinions on the subject may be, unmolested by police authority, so long as in its exercise they do not deprive anyone else of an equal right.

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