“The American Sentinel for 1898” American Sentinel 12, 50, p. 799.

THE AMERICAN SENTINEL is in the field to be that which its name implies,—a sentinel, to give warning against the foes which threaten the sacred rights and liberties of the people.

As such, there is every evidence that it has a most important field of usefulness before it in the year 1898. The dangers against which it would warn the people are not imaginary, but are dangers which have already appeared in tangible form, dangers which have been met and fought in the halls of Congress, in the courts, and before the legislatures of the States.

A zealous but misguided element of the people are bent upon substituting false and despotic principles of government for those upon which this government was established by the wise and liberty-loving statesmen who gave it birth. Within recent years there have been some sharp conflicts fought for the preservation of these principles in American government, and success has, in a measure, attended the efforts of the SENTINEL and the men who have stood as champions of the liberties of the people.

But the crisis is yet to come. And now, the forces whose aim has been the subversion of the principles of free government, have returned to the attack, reinforced by associations which have suddenly sprung up with the church, numbering millions of members. This very month petitions are pouring in upon Congress, calling for a recognition of God in the national Constitution and for a Sunday law for the District of Columbia.

Stirring times are before us; and now, as never before, it is necessary that the AMERICAN SENTINEL should lift up its voice like a trumpet and sound an alarm throughout the length and breadth of the land. The enemy have inaugurated a campaign of education by means of National Reform literature, which they purpose to have scatted everywhere by the Christian Endeavor and kindred societies, calling for the enforcement of Sunday laws and other religions legislation by Congress and by the States. Upon this line the battle for civil and religious liberty must now be fought. Now, as never before, literature bearing the truth upon this great subject must be set before the people.

It is our aim to make the SENTINEL for 1898 a most effect agent for this work. A varied corps of contributors has been secured, which includes those of long experience as writers and speakers upon these themes. No pains will be spared to fill the paper with live matter, and keep it in touch with the latest developments of the times.

The SENTINEL will be illustrated with original drawings, made expressly for its use. We feel sure this will be a feature that will be appreciated by all.

A new head will appear on the first issue for the new year, which we think will be pleasing to our readers generally.

Altogether, the aim of the publishers will be to make the SENTINEL for 1898 just what it ought to be to meet the emergency that has come upon the country. The SENTINEL offers every person a chance to work, and NOW is the time to do it.

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