“The Great Need” American Sentinel 13, 29, pp. 454, 455.

THE great need of the cause of God to-day is not money; neither is it talent. The great need is of something the Lord himself cannot furnish, but which men can furnish. It is consecration.

God could rain gold down from heaven, as he once did manna. But that would not help the situation. There is as much gold in the world already as is needed, and any more would only be superfluous.

There is also talent enough; there is any amount of talent going to waste in channels that supply nothing for the real betterment of the race. Why should the Lord increase the supply of this? A wise father does not lavish money upon his son when he is squandering it.

When there is consecration enough, there will be [455] money enough, and there will be talent enough. A call for means is really a call for consecration; and a lack of eloquence and power for the proclamation of the word, or of ability in any line of spiritual work, is also a lack of consecration.

Consecrated talent will grow, always. Growth is a law of heaven; and from the humblest beginning, where the grace of God has free course, there may be evolved the most surprising results. God made the most talented men that have ever lived by starting with nothing; he can then make talented men now out of those that are little more than nothing.

If you would see the cause advanced, “consecrate yourselves this day to the Lord.” You furnish the consecration; then God will furnish the rest.

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