“The Hebrew Republic” American Sentinel 9, 46, p. 364.

WE publish in this issue under “Significant Paragraphs” a quotation from a New Jersey editor who professes to speak for the People’s Party. His views of the mission of the People’s Party will delight National Reformers, who are working so earnestly and successfully for the establishment of a theocracy in America, modeled after the theocracy of Israel. He regards the People’s Party as the agent in the creation of the government represented by the stone cut out of the mountain without hands, of Daniel 2:47. The “Ancient of Days,” referred to in Daniel 7:13, is also interpreted to referred to a representative form of government such as the People’s Party are to make out of the American Republic. Here is his argument:—

The name [Ancient of Days] alludes to the fact that it is to be a government modeled after the Hebrew republic in which the masses chose their rulers, and Moses instructed them to “choose men who fear God and hate covetousness.”

Now there are about as many errors in the above statement as are to be found in the average National Reform Association utterance of the same length. The following are some of the mistakes:

1. The “Ancient of Days” does not refer to a form of government, but to God, the Father, who delivers to the “Son of man” a kingdom. Daniel 7:9, 10, 13, 14. Revelation 11:15. Luke 1:31-35.

2. There never was such a thing as a “Hebrew republic.” The government of Israel was a theocracy. 1 Samuel 8:6, 7, also 10:12. Moses was chosen of God. Exodus 3:15.

3. The “masses” did not choose their rulers in the theocracy of Israel. Exodus 18:25, 26.

4. Moses did not instruct them to choose rulers. Exodus 18:17, 21, 22.

5. Moses himself chose the seventy rulers. Exodus 18:25, 26.

6. The editor has misquoted the scripture he here misapplies.

7. The scripture is quoted as the words of Moses to the masses, when in fact the are (when properly quoted) the words of Jethro addressed to Moses. Exodus 18:17-23.

There are enough errors in this paragraph, and of a suitable kind, to recommend their author to a place among the vice-presidents of the National Reform Association.

Our excuse for noticing this matter is that the utterances of this professed spokesman of the People’s Party are exactly in harmony with the views of that combination of churches, masking under the title of Sabbath Associations, and National Reform Association, which is attempting to force upon men a day not the Sabbath, and which has worked, and is working to deform the nation, and establish a man-made theocracy in the image of the papacy. [365]

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