“The Importance of a Theory” American Sentinel 12, 25, p. 388.

IN answer to the question, “Christian Citizenship: What Is It?” a writer, in the June Christian Endeavorer, says:—

“The world is sick unto death of theories. The demand of the times is for men of action—men who do something….

“The strength of the great movement we call Christian citizenship lies largely in its being practical.”

This is very true; but the importance of a theory must not be overlooked; for all practice is shaped by some theory, and if the theory be bad, the practical results that come from it will be of the same character. And of this the “Christian citizenship” movement affords an illustration. For this movement is based upon the theory that righteousness is to be established on the earth by means of the good works which “Christian citizenship” aims to perform. And this theory is false, being contrary to the express teachings of the prophetic Word relative to the conditions which would prevail in the last days. See 2 Timothy 3:1-6, etc. The theory of a temporal millennium is luring vast numbers of people on to a stupendous disaster, to which their eyes will be opened only when there rmains no means of escaping from it.

It is true the world is sick of theories; but it will be still more sick of the practices which must come in the effort to realize the “Christian citizenship” theory. For the theory that righteousness can be set up by means of the ballot and human legislation, can only lead to religious controversy, persecution, and confusion.

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