“The Monarchical Spirit in America” American Sentinel 12, 4, p. 51.

IT is interesting to note the monarchical tendencies among the would-be “higher classes” in the United States.

The manifestations of this monarchical spirit and ambition are not by any means few. It is most marked, of course, among the idle rich; but it is by no means confined to that circle.

The ambition of American girls and women, to give themselves and vast fortunes for European titles and misery, is so notorious as to call for nothing more than mere mention in this connection.

Besides these there are thousands who, having no chance to secure titles, spend fortunes to secure the recognition of the titled ones of Europe. People will spend years and thousands of dollars to gain entré to “the Prince of Wales’s set,” or to a “drawing room” of the Queen of England; this “dignity” to be used in America in holding themselves as far as possible above other people.

And thousands of the people who stay at home, or who, if they go abroad, have not the fortune to attain to such “dignity,” are themselves so imbued with the same spirit that they look upon those who have attained to it, as being thereby so far superior to what they ever were before as to be entitled to some sort of worshipful reverence, and they proceed to pay it like any other toadies….

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