“The Right Thing to Do” American Sentinel 10, 10, p. 77.

THE Echo, of Darlington, Ind., publishes the following in its issue of February 15:—

The Echo has a large number of sample copies of the AMERICAN SENTINEL to whosoever wants one, which advocates some principles that every American citizen who is loyal to the free liberty and untrammeled personal rights of each individual and the law of equal rights of our country should be deeply interested in. Don’t get prejudicial and think it is designed to work on your religious or political faith. If you are incapable of reasoning for yourself, you are in bad shape. You don’t want your rights to think and worship your God according to the dictates of your own conscience to become under bondage, do you? Then read and put into acts the right of your suffrage, when it costs you nothing.

We have noted with please the many favorable comments on the work of the AMERICAN SENTINEL which have appeared recently in the columns of our exchanges, but to know that one of them has carefully preserved copies of the SENTINEL and now offers them to its subscribers with the above recommendation, is indeed cheering. The Echo declares in its motto that it is “No man’s slave,” and its attitude toward the SENTINEL would bear out its courageous declaration. [80]

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