“To Increase the Fine” American Sentinel 10, 9, p. 69.

THE following petition is being circulated in Pennsylvania by the compulsory Sunday observance managers:—

To the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Pennsylvania:

Your petitioners, whose names are hereunto signed, do most respectfully and earnestly request your honorable bodies to so amend the Sunday law of 1794 as to make the penalty for the violation of the first section of said act for the first conviction $25, for the second conviction $50, and an increase of $10 for each subsequent conviction. We earnestly protest against any modification or amendment of the said law, which will decreased said penalty or make it less effective to secure Sunday observance.

The writer attended the convention at which this petition was adopted, and the only reason why it did not ask for the penalty of imprisonment is because is was feared that it would be asking too much at one time. Imprisonment will come next and after that the whipping post. [72]

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