“Too True” American Sentinel 9, 35, p. 278.

THE hidden aim of the advocates of church taxation is disclosed by the Boston Congregationalist, which says: “The amount of property in the United States in church buildings and equipment is very large, being in 1890, according to the census report, $679,694,439. But of this amount Roman Catholics control only $118,069,746. If an attempt by Protestants to weaken the power of Catholics were wise under any circumstances, it evidently would not be wise for Protestants to advocate, for that purpose mainly, the taxation of church property.” The Congregationalist does not condemn the attempt to injure the Catholics, it only calls attention to the fact that this ought not to be done in a way that will hurt the Protestant sects more than it will the Catholic Church. But to weaken the Catholics—that is the object of the champions of church property taxation.—Catholic Review.

It is too true that much of the opposition on the part of so-called Protestants to State aid to religious institutions is not because of adherence to a principle but with the view of injuring Rome. Such “Protestants” are always ready to avail themselves of State aid in any way that offers. Several denominations saw no impropriety in accepting money from the Government for the support of mission schools among the Indians until they discovered that the Catholics were getting the lion’s share. Then they refused to accept further bounties from the civil power and demanded that Rome should support her own schools also. The reason for the change of front was too obvious. The time to have protested successfully was when the evil was in its infancy, and before they had themselves eaten of the Government’s pottage. But the birthright has been sold, and now they find no place for repentance though they seek it carefully with tears. [278]

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