“True Protestantism” American Sentinel 10, 36, p. 275.

TRUE Protestantism is that Protestantism which most truly and forcibly protests against the evil principles represented in the religion of the papacy.

Those evil principles are older than the papal system, and true Protestantism is older than the Reformation.

The most effective protest against error is a statement of the truth: and as actions speak plainer than words, the most effective presentation of divine truth is found in the Christian life.

This is true Protestantism, and it is as old as the creation of man. Its effectiveness has been shown in all ages, by the persecution it has brought upon its exemplifiers in the world. It is shown now by the persecution directed against Christian violators of the Sunday law, by those who adhere to the papal doctrine that Sunday is the Sabbath, and that civil power should enforce religious dogmas, while other violators around them are not molested.

This Protestantism is not a mere negation, dependent on other doctrines for its existence. It is the living, positive, eternal truth of God. It was first, and the errors of Romanism and of all false religions came afterwards. “By the word of the Lord were the heavens made,” and by the same word truth has stood in all ages, stands now, and will stand eternally. The Reformers found that word, and receiving it in faith, they at once became Protestants. It is thus that true Protestants are made to-day.

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