“Twould Be Well Were It True” American Sentinel 9, 45, p. 354.

THE everywhere continued intriguing of priests and nuns in Indian school work to secure legislation at Washington, and foster opposition among the Indians to Government Indian schools and their insidious persuading of Indian parents to withhold their children from Government schools is fast reaching a point where there is no escape from the gage of battle. We have always acted on the defensive, and hesitate to take the opposite, but there seems no escape. The overwhelming evidence of our daily experience indicates that there is to be no peace. All concessions on our part for harmony’s sake are in vain. The Roman Catholic Church as such, works in unison with nobody.—The Red Man.

‘Twould be well were the concluding sentence of this paragraph from the Red Man true. But it is not. The Baltimore Lay Congress of 1889, adopted this:—

There are many Christian issues to which Catholics could come together with non-Catholics and shape civil legislation for the public weal. In spite of rebuff and injustice, and overlooking zealotry, we should seek an alliance with non-Catholics for proper Sunday observance. Without going over to the Judaic Sabbath, we can bring the mass over to the moderation of the Christian Sunday.

It would also be well if others would not work with the Catholic Church; but such is not the case. Too many so-called Protestants stand ready to coöperate with Rome so far as her interest and theirs are the same; then they cry, halt! But Rome goes right on, and they “turn white with fear and wrath” because of papal aggression in America! [354]

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