“‘When?’” American Sentinel 14, 40, p. 628.

THINGS will go right when the people are right and public opinion is informed with the principle of justice. Cabinets will reach fair and humane conclusions when the members of the cabinets are broadly intelligent, and lovers of their kind as well as of their country. Rulers will rule in equity when their hearts are set on righteous ends, and there is a sentiment abroad which will tolerate neither duplicity nor oppression.—Rev. F. A. Noble, D. D., at Detroit Christian Endeavor Convention.

And “when” will the people be right? When will the first and leading “when” become a fact so that the other “whens” can fall into line and follow? Plainly, something must first be done to set things right which the people themselves can not do; for they can not make themselves good. Only the power and grace of God can do that. And the work of divine grace upon the heart is not hastened by the preaching of the power of legislation, of the ballot, and of the gospel of force.

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