“Why They Work on Sunday” American Sentinel 9, 30, p. 236.

ADVENTISTS work on Sunday not from sheer willfulness nor merely to assert a right which they may or may not exercise at their pleasure, but because they regard it as a sacred duty to habitually devote Sunday to secular purposes; and this because they understand that the fourth commandment establishes a difference between the Sabbath and the six other days of the week, and requires men to respect that difference. To ignore this distinction between the Sabbath and the other days of the week is simply to defeat the object of the divine law, and to set up a counterfeit of the memorial which God has ordained to keep in remembrance the fact that he is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. It follows as inevitably as night follows day that W. B. Capps, now in the Weakley County Tenn., jail, is there for conscience’ sake. [236]

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