“Will It Steer Clear?” American Sentinel 12, 38, pp. 596, 597.

THE New York Voice, in speaking of the growth of “Christian Endeavor,” says:—

“So far the Christian Endeavor movement has escaped the reaction which generally has followed such a marvelous and rapid growth in other organizations. Numerically it continues to be the greatest thing in modern religious activity. Meeting a growing demand for less division and more union on the part of Christians, it has more than met the ardent expectations of its most ardent admirers. If it can steer clear of the rock on which moral organizations wreck their usefulness, and that pride in the mere power of numbers, its future days may be its best days in advancing the cause of Christ’s kingdom in the world.”

In every work in which the Endeavor movement follows the example set by Him whom it recognizes as Lord and Master, we wish it the fullest success. And what care should be exercised by those entrusted with the leadership of the great host, to prevent any departure from the path marked out by Him! What care should be taken to safeguard it from the wiles of unscrupulous men who have some political or religious axe to grind, and see in this movement a splendid opportunity to get possession of the power required for their purposes.

Will the Christian Endeavor host avoid becoming intoxicated by a realization of their own power? Will they remember that power and numbers do not constitute proof that their cause is either strong or right? For they only are on the side of strength and right—they only are in the majority—who are on the side of God.

We hope so. But it they do—if they “steer clear of [597] the rock on which moral organizations wreck their uselessness”—they must steer clear of the would-be leaders who are even now endeavoring with all their energies to bring the Endeavor host down from the heights of true Christian activity to the plane of politics.

Will they depend upon the promise of the power of him who has said, “Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world”? or will they depend upon the power of votes? Politics recognizes no other power, and depends upon no other, than the latter.

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