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September 24, 2015, will be one of the most regretful days of American history. This day will be eternally remembered as the day in which this free country, who prized civil and religious freedoms as more important than life itself, has, through its legislative branch, opened its arms to receive the representative of the Catholic Church — a system which historically has been the enemy of religious freedom and liberty of conscience.

“The Constitution of the United States guarantees liberty of conscience. Nothing is dearer or more fundamental. Pope Pius IX., in his Encyclical Letter of August 15, 1854, said: ‘The absurd and erroneous doctrines or ravings in defense of liberty of conscience, are a most pestilential error—a pest, of all others, most to be dreaded in a State.’ The same pope, in his Encyclical Letter of December 8, 1864, anathematized ‘those who assert the liberty of conscience and of religious worship,’ also ‘all such as maintain that the church may not employ force.’” (Josiah Strong, Our Country, 1885, p. 47).

The laws and principles of the Church of Rome are absolutely antagonistic to the laws and principles of the United States of America. History has been stained with the crimes committed by Rome. It was to prevent the despotic rule of the Church that the framers of the Constitution established a clear separation between church and State. The Protestant Reformation made it possible for people to follow their conscience in matters of religious duty, but the Romish Church, seeking to bring back those countries which had broken its yoke, launched the counter-reformation, and set itself to accomplish by craftiness what it could not do by force. Unfortunately, Protestants seem to be blindfolded to what the Papal Church is endeavoring. They imagine that the Church has changed, but it has not. It will never relinquish its claim to infallibility.

“The pacific tone of Rome in the United States does not imply a change of heart. She is tolerant where she is helpless. Says Bishop O’Connor: ‘Religious liberty is merely endured until the opposite can be carried into effect without peril to the Catholic world.’” (Idem).

By invitation of John Boehner, the Speaker for the House, Pope Francis will “make history as the first Pope to ever address a joint meeting of Congress”! Can you imagine if the founding fathers could see this happening? What could be worse than that? Religious freedom was as dear to themselves as their civil freedom. Protestantism and Republicanism were the pillars that made this country achieve its greatness. But, as someone has said, “ignorance is the enemy of Freedom”. If you don’t know what Romanism really is, you will most likely be charmed by it. But, fortunately enough, history has preserved the evil deeds this system has perpetrated. Books such as “History of Protestantism”, by James A. Wylie, “Ecclesiastical Empire”, by A. T. Jones, “Fifty Years in the Church of Rome”, by Father Chiniquy, and a host of other books, will serve to enlighten anyone who whishes to know the character of this despotic system.

It does not take long to find that wherever the Romish Church has had its power in unrestricted sway, the fires of persecution burned hot against those who would not yield their God-given right, the right of conscience and of religious liberty. The Papal system has murdered more than 60 million people in the Middle Ages, and, should it receive the same power again, that number might seem a small fraction of the slain. For more than fifteen hundred years, it has proved again and again that it is fundamentally contrary to liberty. By torturing those who disagreed with them, and burning at the stake those who would not recant, this tyrant has silenced the protest of the “dissenters”.

Then what reason can be given for the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States to receive the leader of a system so contrary to civil and religious freedom? And by what misfortune is he speaking to the LEGISLATIVE branch of this country? Do they suppose that they can now befriend this despotic system? Do they even fathom that by this act they will, in future developments, throw this country into a religious despotism? Should we be silent when we see the danger approaching? Should we allow it without any protest? Absolutely not!

We, the free people of this country, do most decidedly PROTEST against this attempt against liberty! We protest against the Senate and the House of Representatives inviting the Bishop of Rome to speak to them. We protest against the breaking the safeguards of this free Republic. We protest against this union with the papacy and we warn all the people of the world that this will be one of the last steps before Earth’s final destruction. Free America will join hands with the enemies of freedom, and will form an image to the beast (Revelation 13:14). Then, this country will become the persecutor, and Protestants will too late regret this unwise step in inviting the enemies of Christ to be their friends.

What can you do:

  1. Call your representative and let him know that you are against this attack on freedom:
  2. Share this PROTEST with as many people as you can. We have to act now!
  3. Pray that God will protect His people from this unholy and disastrous alliance.
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